Here you’ll find help for emotional difficulties, unwanted behaviours, and relationship problems both at home and at work.   I can tell you who gets these problems, how often, what help is available, and what’s likely to happen with and without help.  Here you’ll also find new skills and positive learning to help you rise above everyday hassles and build yourself a more fulfilling life.

I’m a Psychologist working in London, offering coaching, counselling and therapy to adults, using integrative change methods around a core Cognitive Behavioural (CBT) approach. My professional background is as a Clinical Psychologist for which I have a Doctoral Degree, and I also have a Masters Degree in Occupational Psychology.  I act as a personal guide for self-directed people who are looking for the best person to help them out of a difficult place in their lives.

The people I work with can sometimes feel stuck in depression, anxious about dangers ahead, angry about obstructions they face, traumatised by past events, or humiliated as ‘outsiders’. They may have even developed bad habits such as addictions, or eating disorders to cope with negative feelings.  When these ways of coping don’t work, they feel panic, shame or guilt, and end up avoiding their problems. Unresolved problems can lead to stress, physical symptoms, illnesses, and health anxiety. And they add to relationship difficulties at home or work.

My offer is to assess each client’s difficulties thoroughly, make a personalised map of where they are in life using my unique grid mapping system, and help them find routes to a better place.  Some clients are already adept: they just need coaching in extra skills to reach the top of their personal mountain.  Others need some counselling to help them find their own way.  A third group need to discover a way through with exploratory psychotherapy.  Many need to overcome a specific obstacle with a step-by-step route plan, so I teach them the knowledge and skills they need.

As I see it, extra knowledge and skills to help us navigate life can come from any one of clinical psychology, positive psychology, sports psychology, coaching, philosophy or the spiritual traditions.  Sometimes psychological science offers evidence in favour of a particular path, but often it’s a matter drawing on other sources of wisdom to help each person find the best route from where they are.

Each of us is a traveller: none of us is skilled in navigating all of life, few of us are without some inner wound or impairment, but each of us can develop our strengths and find a better life.  My role is to know the maps, offer the guidance, and coach the skills to help others on their personal journey.

I work inHarley Street, London W1, and Paddington, London W2.  I also work with clients by phone and via Skype.