If you’re paying for yourself then I ask for payment at each session. I accept cash, cheque, card, or electronic transfer.  If your insurance is paying for you, we can discuss whether I should bill them directly or ask you to pay and claim the money back from them.  If they refuse to pay for some reason, I’ll ask you to pay instead. If you’re unable to pay then therapy can’t continue until you do.

Here’s how to pay via Paypal:

Date & time of session

If you want your health insurance to pay for you, you’ll need to contact your insurer before you come to get authorisation from them, and they will probably require a referral letter from your GP or a psychiatrist saying that therapy is necessary.  Here’s a list of the insurers I’m registered with and their referral pathway:

Insurer’s Web Page Tel Referral pathway

Aviva Health (Norwich Union)

0800 1583333 GP

AXA-PPP Healthcare

0800 454080 GP / Psychiatrist


0845 6033333 GP

BUPA International

01273 323563


0800 242442 GP

Medisure (Simplyhealth)

0870 3331174 Psychiatrist

Remedi (Simplyhealth)

0800 854929 GP / Psychiatrist

Standard Life

0845 6024848 GP

Western Provident

01823 625000 GP