Further help

Where else you can get help for emotional problems

Accident and Emergency

If you think you are in immediate danger of harming yourself, you can’t see a therapist and you can’t wait to see your GP, then go to your nearest NHS Accident and Emergency department where you will be assessed by a mental health worker.


The Samaritans provide confidential non-judgemental support 24 hours a day by telephone, email, letter, and face to face.

NHS General Practitioner

If you are registered with an NHS GP, they will be able to refer you to a counsellor, psychotherapist or psychologist whom you will be able to see free of charge.  Some GP surgeries have therapists on site.  Ask how many people are on the waiting list, how long you’re likely to wait, and how many sessions you are allowed.

British Psychological Society

The BPS a has a list of Chartered Psychologists close to you, some of whom work privately and will offer therapy from a variety of therapeutic orientations.

Private Health Insurer

If you have private health insurance, your insurer may keep a list of therapists who are registered with them and live near you.


Mind is the leading Mental Health charity in England and Wales.  They offer information, counselling and other help through a network of local MIND associations.

Support groups

A comprehensive list of UK self-help organisations is available at: http://www.ukselfhelp.info