Do you need to go on a personal journey of change?  Do you need to build a better life? We are psychologists in London who acts as a guide on the personal journeys of people who want to get to a better place, so they can build a better life.  We offer our own integrative brand of coaching, counselling and therapy, which we call Journeybuilding™.

Human life has always been a journey, from the first journey across Africa to the latest journey into space.  Human life has also always been about building, from the first shelter to the latest skyscraper. So humans have described complex processes as journeys, from the earliest myths to the Theory of Relativity, and have described complex creations as buildings, from the Tower of Babel to the European Union.    During those stories, we are the travellers, with our companions, drawn in different directions, facing obstacles, making progress…or getting stuck.  We are the builders, making something solid and lasting…or watching it crumble away.

No wonder then, that psychologists’ talk is all about objects moving in space, or objects sticking together and breaking apart.  Someone once listed 400 kinds of psychological therapies.  They organise into schools of thought, argue about what’s in the mental landscape, and how to guide people to a better place.  But behind their words lie the same stories of journeys and buildings.

So we believe that we can integrate those different psychological theories into one approach to personal change.  Then we can put aside the jargon and talk to each other in everyday language.  We can do coaching, counselling and therapy that both make sense and have the drama of a story.  You can read more on the Therapy page about how I’ve put together the most effective methods we’ve found into a unified, systematic approach to personal change.

However, if you’re interested in getting to a better place in your head, or building a better life, click on the links below and read on: