Life is full of problems, which are like obstacles which get in our way. Most of the time we get over or around problems on our own or with the help of people around us. Sometimes however those problems become too big or too many to get around. So, then we look for guidance from an expert in the field: an electrician for wiring problems, a doctor for health problems, and so on…

But what if our problem is LIFE?  Nobody’s an expert on the whole of life…


However an applied psychologist IS an expert on what people can THINK and DO about life’s problems. The science of Psychology studies how people think and what people do in all areas of life. Clinical Psychologists apply that knowledge to helping people with life problems. Occupational Psychologists apply psychological knowledge to helping people with work problems. By practice in applying psychology to life and work, a psychologist learns from their clients’ experience. That experience they can then share with future clients.

Life is infinitely varied, and each of us is unique. But life problems, and work problems, come in a limited number of recognisable shapes and sizes. Listed below are some of the problems that we help people get around, through or over. Many have medical names, because doctors call them diagnoses. Some have biological components, which psychologists need to take account of in their work.

But whatever the problems we face we need to go through the same basic process:

  • work out where we are in life, and where we want to get to
  • work out what problems we need to overcome in order to get where we want to go.
  • examine our  problems carefully to look for ways around or over them
  • choose the best way around given our resources
  • get around
  • do that all over again with our other problems… in the right order and at the same time.

Simple… But tricky…

That’s the essence of what we offer to help you with in psychological therapy and coaching.

Have a read through the problems below to see what they are, whether you have them, and what you can do to get through them:

Life problems

Work problems

  • Procrastination and Time Management
  • Learning New Skills
  • Career Choice
  • Managing Conflict Assertively
  • Motivating Ourselves and Others
  • Goal setting
  • Presenting and Influencing
  • Leadership
  • Delegation
  • Coping with Stress and Building Resilience
  • Recovering from Burnout and Relighting the Fire
  • Leaving Work