Do you need help to resolve a difficult or longstanding personal problem?  Are you struggling with difficulties for which other people haven’t been able to help?  I’m a Clinical Psychologist in London offering psychological therapy, and I have experience of helping people to overcome a range difficult and longstanding personal problems. For example, I offer  treatments for problems such as depressionanxiety, work stress, addictions, trauma, and relationship difficulties.

Therapy may sound daunting, but I make it a simple and common-sense process.  If life is journey, then you are the traveller and I am the guide whom you hire, perhaps to help you get through a difficult patch, perhaps to help you get you out of a hole, or perhaps to help you make something you’ve never managed to make before in your life.  You can find out more about the journey of therapy elsewhere, but here I can tell you about the different approaches to therapy I offer, and how I pull them together into one integrated approach which I use to guide people through all sorts of problems.

Approaches to Therapy