I recently asked my past clients to complete a short survey about how they found therapy with me, and if they had any comments about the process. All comments are posted with the permission of the clients – here are the findings:


“Jeremy is a very kind and considerate person who really listens and tries to look for solutions. He is totally non-judgemental and open in his approach to the issues and his gentle nature and demeanour puts one at ease to be able to be honest during the sessions. I rate him very highly and would be happy to recommend him and to return periodically when I need to.” – Mr JL

“Supportive and warm and practical.” – Mr MM

“Settled my anxiety and made me feel confident that if feelings like I was experiencing then return, I can deal with them.” – Anonymous

“Ultimately everything is up to you. I have about four different therapists over the course of four years. Jeremy was by far the best of them. I liked the structure but it was nicely combined with a good personal human touch. Also I found it great to have a copy of the session right after the meeting.” – Ms ED

“[I developed] helpful ways of looking at things – switched negative thought patterns off, felt pro-active rather than too much dwelling on the past” – Mrs KW

“Since working with Jeremy, I have never looked back. He shared with me the gift of compassion for myself and with that I can work out and face most things…….I can always find a way to understand things and life is more gentle and kind.” – Mr WW

“Easy to talk to and non judgemental.” – Anonymous

“Since the first day I saw Dr Slaughter, I began a journey that I thought would end with our final session. However, the knowledge and insight he imparted has had a huge impact on my life ever since: I constantly read about what he’s introduced me to, and continue my therapy through books and works he recommended.” – Anonymous

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the past 8 months and the extraordinary work we have done together. Your support has been so precious and helpful for me! I am very satisfied by the progress I have made.. although there is a long way to go…thank you for putting me back on track. I feel I have taken back control of my life, and have the energy to keep going, and reach my own personal objectives. It has been a pleasure working with you, and I appreciate the professionalism and the approach you offer to your clients.” Ms DC

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